Every day for the next two weeks or so we will be introducing the people behind the Spacesuit For Everyone Movement.

Mathew Lippincott

Pacific Spaceflight Team

Meet Mathew Lippincott.

Mathew Lippincott is a true leader and pioneer in the open source space technology sector and a key driving force behind the Spacesuit For Everyone movement. Mathew Lippincott has helped tremendously in the advancement of our pressure garment theory issues. Mathew designed many of the practical fabrication methods that we still use today.

Mathew Lippincott works at the intersection of design, public policy, and environmental pollution, and plays with flying machines for fun. As Director of Production at Public Lab, he oversees the development of new hardware kits for environmental data collection. He’s an advisor to Recode Oregon and chairs the ANSI/IAPMO WE Stand Committee on composting toilets. On twitter as @headfullofair.” Mathew currently also works with NASA, building science balloons to study air movements at various altitudes.

Help Start The Movement: www.aspacesuitforeveryone.com

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